use golden shovel to modify or expand claim, click in one corner of your area, then click in the corner diagonal to the first.

use a stick to check your claim area

Animal Pickup

To pick up an entity you just need to sneak and right click on an entity with an empty hand.

To let the entity down sneak for a short time.

To throw keep sneaking. A throw bar will pop up.

You can cancel the throw process with a right click.


use command /co i

then right or left click objects like gates to see who has use it

to exit inspect mode just type the command again /co i


use command /fly to fly inside your claim on NeatoBuilds to help you build

Plunder server also has fly available at any location


Send mail to other players, useful if another player is offline and you want to send them a message for when they get back on

use /mail [read|clear|clear [number]|send [to] [message]

Mobs to Eggs

Use eggs to catch mobs for easier transportation, we are working on a way to buy special eggs to catch mobs with

Pet master

Right-click on a pet (cat, dog, horse, llama or parrot) to discover its owner

/petm free - to free a pet

/petm setowner player - Transfers the ownership of one of your pets after right-clicking on it.

/petm setcolor color - Changes the default collar color of newly tamed cats and dogs.

Chat commands

/chlist - Allows players to see a listing of available channels

/join [channelname] - Allows players to join a channel

/leave [channelname] - Allows players to leave listening to a channel

/channel [channelname] - Allows players to add the ability to listen to the channel

/whisper [playername] [msg] - Send a message to a player

/ignore [playername] or /ignore ? for more information - This allows you to prevent a player from sending you a tell /ignore list to see who you have ignored

/tell [playername] [msg] - Send a message to a player

/chwho [channelname] - Allows players to see a listing of who is listening on a channel

/me - Send an emote


At spawn there are some admin shops to buy various things

convert diamonds to currency at one of the admin shop signs or convert currency to diamonds for the same rate

/pay <player> - Pays another player from your balance.

/bal - States the current balance of a player.