Hello everyone,

I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in a Minecraft community I have been a part of since 2015. We started as a realm and when we outgrew it we merged with another realm to form a server to avoid Redstone lag.
Our main worlds consist of a Amplified world with keep-inv, and a vanilla survival world, both set to hard difficulty.

Our main goal was to create a safe place to keep all of our long term builds since we all have jobs and cant always be online we didn't want to risk losing our progress.
We never reset the worlds or delete someones builds because we know eventually they will get the urge to come back and build, like we do.

We like the vanilla mechanics of Minecraft and try our best to keep our plugins light so there is no land claim or pay to win, we are just looking for mature players who don't steal and can work either with us to build spawn towns or go hermit. We change spawn every year so there is always fresh room to build a new town while keeping the old towns as is, since new players bring new ideas and Minecraft updates are always welcome!
Most of us are on the west coast so usually get online around 5pm PST

Server IP:

  1. Don't build too close to someone else, 500 blocks distance preferred
  2. Do not steal, do not grief, PVP only with consent
  3. No over exploitative builds, please ask a mod before building something you think is an exploit
  4. No vulgar or demeaning language