Our New Server Hub!

The brand new server hub is now open!
We had the idea to open up a new hub on a separate world to stream line the way new players choose a world. Now that we have Mews on our server and players are playing across multiple worlds more often we thought it would be best to have new players spawn in a quick loading world and be able to read up on each of our worlds and then choose where they wanted to play.

After the new player quiz, new players will be able to choose their chat color before moving on to the world chooser. You can always get back to this room by going down the hall.

Here is the world chooser room, where players coming from worlds will land and be able to quickly run across to the next world.

Thank you for  including the best face on Minecraft! :D

Right behind the creative server selection is a convenient storage room, make sure you empty all your inventory items including your Enderchest before going into the creative world.

Thank you to ArchGoddess and Sonex26 for quickly building up this hub, if there are any recommendations please let us know.