Looking Forward

Heyo everyone, its time to share what we are planning for the future.
Currently we have been testing out a few new ideas to help out everyone on the server, since we have been getting more active we have started running into new issues, like not being able to sleep.

  • Closing CreepyCabin
  • Hub World
  • Tablist world identification
  • AFK and farming
  • Auto rank
  • Home and TPA commands
  • Spawning on top of portals bug
  • Server map

Our most recent changes have been to the world files, we will be closing CreepyCabin and have moved most of the builds on that world over to Mews. This decision came because both worlds are very similar in the play-style so we wanted to save some server usage. We hope having one less spawn active will help with any lag we have. This will also keep players a bit closer and we hope that creates more community projects.

Another change was to move the new player spawn point from CreepyHut to a separate world hub, this idea makes it so new players load in much easier and are able to read up on the different worlds before choosing where to build..

We have been working on a way to show what players are in what world on the tablist, this way you know who is closer to you and so you can ask to AFK if you want to sleep and skip the night. The plugin we were trying was affecting our scoreboard which is what hides the player names above our heads so we will be thinking of a new way to do this.

AFK has now changed to also help with being able to skip the night. Now AFK will not end until you do the command /AFK this way if you want to fish all night you can go into AFK and still fish. Now you won't affect the other players on the world.

Looking forward we plan to implement a auto ranking system, we do not want to make this server into anything new but we believe adding a ranking system will give players some more activities to do. The way we are thinking it will work will be each rank has a few objectives you have to complete for example, to rank up a level you will need to kill ten Creepers, mine 200 blocks, and place 100 blocks. Let us know if you have any ideas!

Home and TPA commands, this has been one thing a lot of players have asked for. We did not really like the idea because it takes away from the Vanilla aspect but we think we found a good compromise. We will begin to allow this at a certain rank level and each command will cost money. To get money you will need to sell items to other players or trade your diamonds for money. For now using the home command will cost one diamond and using the TPA command will cost five diamonds. these are not set prices so let us know your concerns.

A bug we are looking into is players spawning on top of their nether portals, we are not quite sure what is causing this change as it seems like it started fairly recently. We will continue to research this so let us know if you know the issue.

The server map was taken down and we want to bring it back, the reason it was taken down was because it was causing issues on our server due to the large file sizes. We will probably bring it back but with limitations.

Please submit all feedback to our form, this is the same form we use to track all of these change requests.