Change Log V9.0

He have implemented a few new changes and are saying goodbye to our server map.
Now that we have bumped up the ram to 6144MB we have:

  • Raised the render distance from 8 to 12, this will make it so more chunks are loaded around you, you can limit this by turning down in your client settings if you experience more lag.
  • Raised the entity activation from 32 to 40 for mobs and animals, this will help large farms work better by keeping the mobs moving at farther distances.
We have also implemented a server restart to take place every morning at 4 am PST instead of the every other day restart. This change will make it so that any changes we make to the server will take effect the next day and we won't have to restart the server while the majority of players are online. So we hope that now most players will not have to sit around while the server restarts.

Our Dynmap of the server has been taken down, many of you have seen that during a restart it would take several minutes for the server to come back online, we worked with our server host to track down the issue and it turns out the issue was caused by the map. Since we have four worlds, each with two additional worlds minus creative, the map render storage was huge, this caused the server to take a long time to start and was also causing issues to other clients hosted on the same server :D

For now we have taken down the map until we figure out a new way.