Change Log V8.4 - Multiverse Fixes Continued

The bug fixing continues!

Today we remade all the permissions for all players in order to quickly fix the problems we have with some players not having access to different worlds, with this change you will lose your chat color.

The chat color will have to be reapplied and we have installed a new chat color chooser in the hub world and will be removing the two other chat color choosers from the individual worlds to make it easier to update in the future.

Now all three worlds are accessible by everyone and all the portals are linking properly.

For players that played on both servers before the merger will have issues with their inventories, the inventories from CreepyHut were overwritten by the inventories from the other worlds. In order to fix this issue, the player will need to log in, store their inventory including their Ender Chest items into a normal chest. The player needs to notify management to coordinate the merge. The player will need to log out and the files will be moved in then the player can log back in with their other inventory then continue as normal.

 Two worlds were intentionally left out of the hub as it seems there are no returning players to them at this time

If you have any coordinates for the Disconnected server please submit them, also if you have any issues or request please use that form here Server Feedback