How to AFK Fish Farm Like a Pro

Frustration led us to fish, and well fishing isn't that entertaining so we turned to Redstone. Check out the loot we made!

Recently I built an AFK fish farm in order to score an enchanted book of looting, to collect Wither skulls, to make a beacon. Funny how tasks add up in Minecraft. Well this actually all started by trying to build my castle home on a floating island, the island was up to Y 256 so I was not able to build on it, it required to be mined down. I needed a beacon to speed things along. After hunting for skulls forr a long time in the nether, killing and dying, I figured there should be an easier way. I needed an enchanted sword with Looting III.

I started by using an enchanting table, but that took too much time and too much Lapis. Looting is one of the rarer enchantments to come across, then another player told me that they usually get them through fishing. So began the great AFK fish farm.

The design I used was from this video by xisumavoid. (the original design was by Panda4994)

In another video, he shows how the fence in the center is replaced by a fence gate in order for it to work in the latest update.

I connected several hoppers in a line out of the side to have a really large storage capacity when AFKing overnight.

The first line of hoppers just goes straight out into the wall, then there are hoppers underneath that row that point to each individual chest. In order to have the chests side by side, you need to have a trapped chest in between the regular chests.

Then on a Windows computer, you can do F3 + P so that you can Alt-Tab and not bring up the pause menu, which would stop you from fishing.

Now you just stand on the center platform and flip the switch so the piston moves. Then you hold right click on the mouse and tpress F11 (full screen on or off) and release right click at the same time. If done right your character should continue to press down right click. Just wait a while to see bubbles move towards your fishing lure and watch the piston move up and down when something is caught. The items should be moved to your chests via the hoppers.

You should be able to full screen on or off without affecting the fishing. Now you can ALT-Tab to another window. Set the volume down for Minecraft then you can enjoyably watch a movie while your chests fill up with saddles and loot! When you are done just right click and it should stop the action. This F11 trick works with any other button in the game as well!

Let us know how it goes or if you know a better way!