Change Log V6.1 - The Shop Update

We have added shops, mail, and Essentials!

We are now able to create protected shops for a fee. we created an admin shop to convert diamonds into our currency, for now we will call them Schmeckles.
It costs the equivalent of a diamond block to buy a protected chest shop.Think of it as buying lifetime insurance.

In order to have the chest shop plugin working we needed to install an economy plugin, which Essentials has built in. We chose to go with Essentials as it is one of the most popular plugins around and we felt that will be the most reliable option. Essentials also made it possible to removed multiple other plugins as Essentials has the features built in as well.

Now players are able to use new commands for our economy, (the angle brackets are not used)
To create a shop, make sure you have enough money, place a chest where you want it to be, inside your shop in the marketplace area. Hold the item you want to sell or buy and then type the command to create a shop, next insert the items into the chest.

  • /shop create <amount> <buy-price> <sell-price>
Amount is how many of the item you want to sell or buy for the price, for example 1 Stone for $1, or 10 stones for $10

You are able to now check your balance, so after you sell some diamonds at the admin shop you may use
  • /balance
You can pay players with the pay command; for example if you hire a player to mine for you and you can pay them with Schmeckles
  • /pay <player> <amount>
Another cool command we now have is the ability to send mail to offline players! You should see a message when you logon notifying you if you have any new messages
  • /mail [read|clear|send [to] [message]]

We will be tweaking the settings as we go, I believe the shop price is more than a block of diamond currently so we will be updating that soon.