Change Log V4.1 - The Rank Update

Minecraft Wall

Heyo, I have tweaked the requirements a bit for ranking up, now it will be more challenging to do so, and having a higher rank means more than mining.

The first go around just involved blocks broken, so mining all day would have ranked you up to the highest level.
That is not a very good way to see who long term players really are, so I have included a number of requirements that involve; mob kills, blocks placed, time spent in game(excluding AFK).
Minecraft Town

These updates for now only affect the ranks up to Slayer, after that it is back to blocks broken. I intend to change that and keep adding new requirements as we fine tune these ranks.

Other updates;

  • Fixed misspelled Rank 'Slayor' to 'Slayer'
  • Added Joined and Left notifications to Discord so you will know who is online.
  • Cleared previous rank data as some players were stuck with old ranks and would not be able to rank up, and did no have proper permissions. All stat data is the same, safe and sound.