Why the World Began

After joining several realms, and dealing with sporadic realm owners too many times, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

When I first was introduced to Minecraft several years ago, I instantly fell in love with the ability to create anything you could imagine, I played for hours, fixing up villages, building castles, and exploring the different biomes.
After a hiatus from the game, I felt I wanted to get back to it and build something grand. The idea of having other players in the world always amused me, not too important as far as playing the game, but I thought of how cool it would be to run over and see what others are building and be able to give them a tour of my own builds, and have someone to talk to.

I had joined a number of servers in the past, but many were just too overpopulated. It felt way too crowded, or too complicated with the numerous plugins and land claiming, not too mention the griefers and creeper holes all over the landscape. I never really found a good server that matched what I was looking for.
Then came realms, I was very curious on how it was different, I joined a number of other realms and played for a bit, but then the owner would come on and change the world, I would lose my progress or have to wait for them to switch it back, if they ever did. Another issue was the all too common expired realm. I did however like the simplicity of the way realms operated, no plugins, just nice and simple vanilla game play with other players.

I got tired of having to start over and never being sure if one day the world would come to an end, so I subscribed to my own realm; November 2015 was when I finally had it. I always liked the Amplified world type, as it gave such better views. I noticed there were hardly any other amplified realms at the time so I went with it. I googled a number of good seeds and finally found one that had several biomes all near each other, more importantly the Mesa and Savanna biomes which were a new thing for me. Thus began the first spawn location.