How to install Minecraft Shaders

Minecraft CreepyHut Church

Hey everyone, I have had a number of you ask me which shaders I use for my photos and how to install them.

Please make sure to read all the way through, especially the warnings of the downloads at the end of this post.

This is how I do it on a Windows 10 computer

The mod we need to first install is forge, but in order for forge to work we need Java.
I use the 64 bit version as my PC has a 64 bit processor which allows me to use more memory.

The second thing I had to do was download and install forge

I just download the latest version in the installer-win format so it self installs.

I start up Minecraft to make sure forge starts up and works
Make sure to select the new Forge profile before you hit play

Keep an eye on the maximum memory used bar at the top, this might become and issue once we install the shader packs.

After that works fine it is time to get Optifine
I always go with the latest release going by date.

Minecraft Optifine

The Optifine Jar file gets dropped into your mods folder which is inside the .minecraft folder
This folder can be found by opening windows start and typing %appdata%
There you will find the .minecraft folder, I always right click the folder and pin it to my start menu

Once Optifine is in the folder, start Minecraft once again in the Forge profile to make sure it works and it creates any files it needs to.

You should see it says Forge and Optifine in the bottom corner

Minecraft Forge

Now in the Minecraft options you will see a shaders option under Video Settings.
You can select to open the shaders folder and drop in the shaders from there, leaving them zipped.
This can also be found with the game closed in the .minecraft folder

Now you can play with shaders!
The shaders I use in my photos are Sildur's Shaders
It is always good to download multiple levels, I usually go with the Extreme version and the Medium one, in case I start losing FPS when moving around a lot I will drop it down to medium, You can toggle back and forth.

Minecraft Shaders

If you have issues using shaders, or high resolution texture packs because the game crashes or states you ran out of Memory even though you have more than 1GB check out our post on how to add more memory

Warning, be very careful when downloading anything, a lot of the mod packs and developers will probably use a file host that has ads, this is so the developers can make some money which is good since they make good mods, so be sure to pause your ad-block.
The problem is the design of the sites. They try to trick you into clicking other things. There will be pop ups and sometimes redirect you to another site.

You will also most likely be warned by Windows that Jar files may harm your computer, make sure the name of the file matches what you intended to download then select keep

 I always scan for viruses with my anti virus program just in case.