Change Log V4.0 - The Rank Update

Hey everyone, We have updated the server to use an Auto Rank plugin, no more waiting for someone to come online and rate you!

You will now level up depending if you complete the requirements. The requirements will be changing as we go, right now we just set up a block breaking criteria to make sure everything works smoothly. Soon each rank will require basic things that you complete just by playing the game, like mob kills, distance traveled, blocks placed and hours active.

 Each rank currently does not give you any perks, you will just receive a different chat name color, I will be adding another plugin that lets your name be that color in the Tab list. The goal of our server is to provide a place for players who enjoy the core game be able to play and enjoy the company of other players. We do not want to get too far from the Vanilla game-play but we thought having a way to show your time in server would be fun. We originally added ranks to be able to tell who was a new player that needed watching and who is a trusted player. You may have noticed some people had grey names while the majority had the white name.

Now players will have to earn their colors, and it will be a fair system as we would not control what rank you are in, you will. Of course we will still be watching new players to see if they are griefers and deal with them accordingly.

We will continue to tune the ranks and requirements over the next couple of days and decide what type of rewards come with higher ranks.

The current ranks:
GREY - Squid
WHITE - Brood
PINK - Resident
YELLOW - Veteran
GOLD - Slayor
RED - Champion
GREEN - Legend
AQUA - Emperor
INDIGO - Overlord
DARK AQUA -Immortal

some Ideas are, you will need a certain rank for our next update which will be Chest Shops! Then the following update with the custom nether portal idea will probably require a certain amount of game-play.

Other changes:
  • /msg and /tell will now be in italics so it is easier to tell them apart
  • Discord to Minecraft messages, player name will be in Italics
  • Sheriff group has been removed, Those players will still have the ability to ban greifers, etc. but will now have their chat color rank just like everyone else, including owner.
  • Distance for Near channel will be upped to 200 blocks