Change Log V3.0 - The Chat Update

Heyo everyone, today I bring you the first of several chat updates. We have added a few chat plugins and will be sorting them out in the next few days.

The goal is to once again have a cross server chat room with the other servers on our Discord hub
But now we will have the ability to leave and join multiple chat rooms so you do not have to get spammed continuously.

My plan is to implement;

  1. Global chat, a channel that will pair with our Discord room so offline players can chat with players in game, this will not be removable as there is not many messages in here
  2. Cross server channel will pair with the other servers on our Discord network, this will have an option to mute so you do not have to see everything if you don't want to but will have the option to join in if there are not many players online and want to talk
  3. In game only channel so only players in game can see the messages, this will be set as the default channel for new players so they have a bit more privacy until they understand how the chat works
  4. Near channel, this will only be readable by players that are within a certain radius from you and will make it easier when working on build and have a lot to discuss so you do not have to spam everyone in the world
These of course are just brain storm ideas and the final results might change depending on testing and feedback

Other updates:
  • Mob cap has been dropped to 300 which will reduce the amount of mobs gathering around your base at night, and help boost server performance while still having the Ender-farm and mob grinders working proper.
  • Dropped item and exp merge radius has been bumped up to 4, this helps broken blocks and experience orbs group together from farther distances, this should help performance especially with the higher mob counts and end farm
  • We added a plugin that limits the amount of ores one can accumulate in a certain amount of time. this will help us promote players and get them out of the ore-hider plugin faster which benefits the whole server and reduce server stress. The plugin works by counting the amount of blocks you've broken over a certain amount of time and the amount of valuable ores you collect. S if you are not using X-ray then you should not hit any of the caps 

We have started looking for a chest shop and will be implementing one soon. We just need to do some more research on which plugin will be the best fit

Please comment with feedback or let us know in game or Discord.