Brief History of the World

So the after the Seed was found and the spawn location was chosen, I flattened a small patch of land, built some cheap box homes, and summoned about 4 villagers. Then I went straight to the forum and began our invitation thread, one of the most used realms thread on

Players started joining and helping expand the spawn area and I shared my idea of a center community spawn point; with a shared mine, farm, storage etc. Players started adding their own ideas to the small flattened area and we knew we had to expand.

Well this town went on for quite some time, players kept joining and finding places to colonize, and then paths started to be formed to get back to the central area. I was not playing as often as I wish I had as I had multiple jobs at the time and could not focus my attention to the game. Every time I would pop in the world I would be amazed with the creations that came with the waves of new players. I would just start adventuring and seeing new builds every which way I went. Sadly many of the players that had set up the initial builds started to go inactive. A bit due to me as I was never around, but I knew I didn't want to start a new world; in hope that they would return. I invited new players and kicked some bad apples from the batches, but they kept the world moving forward. We restructured the entire area and it became a massive castle with wonderful buildings surrounding the landscapes.

When we noticed that the majority of the players that inhabited this area went inactive, it became too much of a chore to watch every single new player that joined. It was impossible to know what they did when they logged in, when everyone was sleeping, and since there were many homes, we would never know if something was missing.

We also noticed that new players felt that there was nothing left to do; the area was too developed. Then, we came up with the idea of moving the spawn location to a fresher land. This began the second spawn. Veteran players can still log in and have all their builds, and new players can join with plenty of things to create, and be far away from the old area so as to not be a risk. This worked out well for a number of months, we built a harbor and a villager marketplace. The first area became known as The Castle, because of the castle we built ;p. The second area became know as the Market or The Outpost. We also came up with an idea half way through the life of the second area.
We wanted to keep our old iron farm in the spawn chunks so we built up a platform in the sky with four pressure plates connected to command blocks that would teleport you to four different biomes. They were decently far from one another in a square shape, with the Castle in the center. One area was Snowy/Ice spikes, the other was a Mesa, one was the Market in a grassy biome, and the last was an underground cavern. the Snow and Market were the most developed, but again, players started going inactive.

Not knowing our plan and seeing how far players traveled we thought it best to keep people out of the original and second area so we created the currant spawn, 60,000 blocks away from the nearest, now ancient villages. We started this new area March 2017 and a month in, it is in full swing to become a massive kingdom, the great wall is currently the focused project and the main tower has all the necessities inside and will be the center piece once the surrounding hills are brought down.