⚡Server IP: mc.neatobuilds.com⚡

  • ⚒️ Small, friendly, long-term community.

  • ⚓ land claim, build wherever and as big as you want.

  • ⌛ No world resets without build transfers. We are here for the long-term builders.

  • 📛 No ranks, there is no pay to win, you can choose your own name and chat color.

  • ☔ We are able to undo griefing per-player, and everyone has access to the '/co i' command to be able to check your own items and report to a guardian if needed.

  • ⚔️ You can choose at spawn whether to keep-inv or not.

We like the vanilla mechanics of Minecraft and try our best to keep our plugins light, the plugins we use are mostly for things like linking discord to our in game chat and undoing griefing without affecting game play, we have added a couple quality of life mods like land claim and dynmap.

Our community is made of mature long-term players who like to build large projects over a long time, our goal is to provide a safe place for these builds so you can continue your work whenever life gives you a chance, and to keep a respectful community who you can show your builds to or to help each other, some of us have been building together since 2015 when we started out as a Realm.

We currently have three worlds

*NeatoBuilds - Hard survival, main world.

*plunder - synced inventory with NeatoBuilds to gather resources, this world resets occasionally to make it easier to find fresh resources.

*Valhalla - Creative to test out ideas easily.


  1. No vulgar or demeaning language. Be respectful.

  2. Do not steal, do not grief, PVP only with consent.

  3. Do not build too close to someone else, at least 500 blocks distance preferred.

  4. No over exploitative/duping builds, please ask a guardian before building something you think can be considered an exploit.

📸Instagram: instagram.com/neatobuilds

🗺️Dynmap: map.neatobuilds.com

discord link provided when you login to the server

Server Located in North America